Svetlana Burckhardt is CEO and founder of EyebrowExperts in Sydney, a premier eyebrow waxing and feathering service in Sydney. In addition, she is the author of books ‘Confessions of a Brazilian Waxing Queen’ and ‘The Ultimate Brow Guide’.

Svetlana is a guru of both brows and waxing (famously known for her incredible 7 minute Brazilian!) and is well known in the field of beauty.

She has appeared in publications such as Grazia, Madison, Harper’s Bazaar, OK!, Country Style, Mx etc. Alongside this, her clients include personalities such as Sam Brett, Annalise Braakensiek, as well as some Beauty and Fashion Editors of Australian Magazines.

Her clients range from senior managers, CEO’s, the famous and infamous, housewives and students. Moreover, all her clients adore Svetlana’s personalised treatments and high attention to detail.

“A good aesthetician will work with you to create the perfect arch for YOU,” says Svetlana. “I ask questions to find out exactly what the client is trying to achieve, whether it’s growing brows back in, or creating a finer, more contoured shape. Personally, I don’t believe people should blindly follow brow trends. The thickness or thinness of your eyebrows should be tailored to your face and personality.”

Svetlana was born in the former Soviet Union, Uzbekistan in the capital city of Tashkent. Growing up in a Muslim country, Svetlana observed the beauty and grooming routines of the Muslim women from a young age. As a result, this turned into a passion to work with women in the beauty industry.

Furthermore, Svetlana is a certified NLP practioner, Master Hyprotherapist, Master Time Line Therapy® Practioner.

Svetlana Burckhardt

CEO and founder of EyebrowExperts in Sydney and author of the book ‘Confessions of a Brazilian Waxing Queen’ and ‘The Ultimate Brow Guide’.

Background and history

Migrating to Australia in 2002, Svetlana began extensive study completing an array of courses to work towards achieving her ultimate career in beauty and personal development.

Overseas she studied a diploma at the Image Maker School off-shore and even has a diploma in permanent tattoo make-up art, displaying her excellent creativity when it comes to waxing designs. Beauty Therapy and IPL courses followed in her new home of Sydney along with Assessment Training making her a qualified teacher in her industry. She also gave a brow workshop to a sold out crowd at the Sydney International Spa & Beauty Expo, 2011 and the DVD is available for purchase. Her endorsement would carry weight with the beauty media.

Strive for absolute excellence

She truly is at the top of her game and prides herself on creating a personalised service for all her clients; this is no ‘pump em in, pump em out’ brow bar. She has her own unique measurement system for brows, which she has honed over 15 plus years in the industry.

Svetlana Burckhardt is a qualified beauty therapist, make-up artist, personal stylist and celebrity eyebrow consultant in Sydney. She has also studied Public Speaking, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) to blend into her method of teaching and differentiate herself from competitors. She is a master NLP parctitioner, master hypnotherapy, master time line practioner and a proud member of the American Board of Hypnotherapy, American Board of NLP and Time Line Therapy® Association. Svetlana is one of Sydney’s cosmetic tattoo trainer for a government accredited cosmetic tattoo workshop, Eze Training.

In addition, Svetlana has certificates and a diploma with excellence from different cosmetic trainers from Australia and abroad and she is a member of Australian Cosmetic Tattooist Association (A.C.T). Her initial training was undertaken in October of 2007 but due to two pregnancies, was unable to embark on the business full time. In February 2013, she undertook further training under a member of the Australian Cosmetic Tattooing Association, as well as another advanced certificate with excellence in May of 2014 and August of 2015. In 2017 it was a celebration of 12 years for EyebrowExperts.

Most of all, Svetlana loves the freedom Australia provides women. She believes Australia gives women the freedom and the chance to “get what they want out of life, whatever that might be.” She adores the country and is proud to be Australian.

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