Eyebrow Feathering Double Bay

At Eyebrow Experts, we know a thing or two about achieving beautiful eyebrows. With our professional eyebrow feathering in Double Bay NSW, you can be sure to feel glamourous with lasting effects.

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Professional Eyebrow Feathering in Double Bay NSW NSW

The main difference between Eyebrow Microblading and Eyebrow Feathering is the area of effect. Eyebrow Microblading generally involves tattooing over your whole eyebrow area to create fullness and shape, making it more suitable to those with alopecia or very thin eyebrows.

Eyebrow feathering on the other hand addresses patchy or sparse areas around natural hair, filling them in to achieve a bold and natural look. This is ideal for those with naturally full eyebrows. For the ultimate natural look, the ink we use is matched to your eyebrow’s hair colour.

This technique is so precise, you won’t be able to tell the difference between the feathered strokes and your natural eyebrow hairs.

  • Semi-permanent
  • Lasts 1 year aprox
  • Addresses patchy areas

Look Fabulous with Eyebrow Feathering in Double Bay NSW

Our eyebrow feathering service is designed with realism in mind. In creating small strokes across the sparce areas of your eyebrow, we can create the illusion of natural fullness.

At Eyebrow Experts, we take pride in how realistic our feathering looks. Our eyebrow feathering experts will make you feels comfortable and ensure that your feathering matches your natural eyebrows. Be confident and achieve a stunning look with Eyebrow Experts Double Bay NSW.

Top Benefits of Eyebrow Feathering

There are so many wonderful benefits that come with our eyebrow feathering in Double Bay NSW. For more information about how you can take advantage of our professional service, see below.

Fuller Eyebrows

Never worry about patchy eyebrows again with our eyebrow feathering in Double Bay NSW. Our passionate eyebrow feathering experts will ensure that you leave with a full and natural look.

Also, never worry about your eyebrow pencil technique again! We understand the struggle of making your eyebrows look gorgeous with an eyebrow pencil. This is why our eyebrow feathering service is perfect for filling those gaps and keeping you feeling fabulous.

Precise Technique

At Eyebrow Experts, we help you cut down your make-up application time by keeping your eyebrows looking great, 24/7. Never worry about the gaps in your eyebrow hair again and feel ready for anything.

Our eyebrow feathering experts are professional and implement a precise technique to fill in your eyebrows. Feel confident in the knowledge that our feathering service can seamlessly match the filler with your eyebrows. Contact us today for any questions that you may have regarding our practice and how we can help you look fabulous!

Save Time

Eyebrow feathering can do more than make your eyebrows look beautiful. Imagine how much time you have spend over the last year filling in your eyebrows, never again with our eyebrow feathering service.

Eyebrow feathering lasts approximately 1 year and can ensure that you are consistently looking great. Don’t waste more time! Contact Eyebrow Experts today and take the first step towards luscious eyebrows.

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