Eyebrow Microblading Double Bay

Eyebrow Microblading is the perfect non-permanent alternative to Eyebrow Tattooing for those with suffering from alopecia on their eyebrows or thinning eyebrows.

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Experienced Eyeliner Tattooing in Double Bay NSW

Eyebrow Microblading is also slightly less painful than getting a tattoo. With the Microblading technique our Eyebrow Experts will draw on individual hairs one by one with a hand-held tool, creating the perfect hair strokes. The end result is eyebrows that look amazing and natural.

Our Eyebrow Tattoo experts can work with any skin tone, hair colour and eyebrow shape to achieve your perfect look.

  • Semi-permanent
  • Last 1-3 years
  • Addresses Whole Eyebrow

Feel Glamourous with Eyebrow Microblading in Double Bay NSW

You know that feeling that you’re not ready to step out the door until you’ve chosen the right accessories?  Exactly the right earrings or necklace to show off your look?  Well, there’s one “accessory” so many women forget to take care of before they go out: your eyebrows.

Just like accessories, there are so many ways to “do” brows. It doesn’t matter if you like yours delicately sculpted, au naturel with just a hint of taming, or something in between, you know there’s a dizzying range of products out there that offer to help you get your brows absolutely perfect:  powders, liners and even gels.

But why bother keeping track of all that – and the expense and hassle – when there’s a great new way to get a semi-permanent look you’ll love? Microblading, also known as “eyebrow embroidery” or “feather touch” uses fine, delicate lines to create the appearance of perfectly natural brows.


The 5 Essential Rules of Eyebrow Microblading in Double Bay NSW

Here are five essential rules I’ve learned during the time I’ve been offering this service to my Sydney clients:

Plan Ahead

Choose where you’re going to have it done based on certifications, experience, and recommendations, but also on your “gut feeling.” When you walk through the door of the beauty provider’s studio, it should feel clean and professional.

Ask her for before and after photos to see examples of her work. But most importantly, does she sit down with you and answer all your questions? Is she rushing through her explanations, or does she seem patient and willing to tell you everything you need to know about the process?

At Eyebrow Experts, home of the best eyebrow shaping in Double Bay NSW, we offer a free consultation and will take as long as we need to make sure you’re comfortable!

Come Prepared

Time to go natural – at least for a couple of weeks.  Your technician will need to understand the natural length and shape of your brows by actually measuring them to determine the most natural look she can accomplish.  Ask us about our special at-home exfoliant that you can apply before your treatment to get your skin looking absolutely exquisite!

However, make sure to skip any other exfoliation treatments for 72 hours before your appointment – you’ll find these in skin treatments that contain Renova, Retin-A, AHA (alpha-hydroxy) and glycolic acid.

Take care of your skin!  Most exfoliants (other than the gentle product we recommend before treatment) can make your skin more sensitive during the procedure, as can blood thinning medication – so please inform your technician about any prescription medication. If you are pregnant or nursing, or if you have diabetes, microblading isn’t recommended.

Talk to Me!

When you come in for your consultation, you’ll meet with your eyebrow specialist who will carefully measure your face shape and structure and determine the best shape for your brows.  It’s more complex than you might think – there are about six main measurements that we make using specialized tools before we even begin the procedure.

Because of this, your technician will determine the ideal shape of the brows, but you should feel confident about asking for the thickness you’re looking for. You will also be given a handheld mirror to hold during the procedure so you can see and understand how the brows are being shaped, and ask questions if you’re concerned.

Love Your New Brows?

After your treatment, you’ll probably be eager to show off your new feather stroke eyebrows. But please avoid using products or makeup on the area for at least 10 days after your application. In fact, you should avoid touching the area at all.

We’ll give you detailed instructions about how to care for your new brows – including rinsing and carefully applying the special post-treatment cream we will provide. Skip direct sunlight and the tanning bed for ten days, as well as excessive sweating and working out.

And even after things are back to normal, I strongly recommend protecting your brows from premature fading with SPF30 sunscreen to keep the look as long as possible. Ask us about out special brow sunscreen cream product, which is delightfully gentle and moist to offer you the longest possible enjoyment of your gorgeous new look!

Twice as Nice

Although some clients expect thick, gorgeous brows after the first treatment, a realistic approach means keeping in mind that it may take more than one appointment to get to your own personal ideal thickness. We recommend waiting 30 days between applications.

Also, while the results are long-lasting, they’re not permanent, and the strokes of the hairs applied will soften and blend more with your skin as time passes. Depending on your skin type, the durability of your results may vary, but generally, your new brows will stay lovely from eight to eighteen months; many women find they look their best with an annual touch-up.

I’m sure you’ll agree with all my thrilled clients who’ve tried microblading that worrying about brows once a year is a whole lot better than fussing with all those powders, pencils, and gels every single day!

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