Dazzle Your Smile With Peroxide-Free Teeth Whitening in Double Bay

Are you worried that your teeth not as bright and white as it used to be? Fortunately you don’t have to worry anymore as we’re providing teeth whitening services that can jazz up your smile in no time. Read on here to know more.
We’re using teeth whitening products that free from peroxide to ensure that you’ll get the desired, high quality results minus any side effects. Depending on the original color and your body respond, your teeth can be lighten according to your desired shades, between four to nine shades that lasts up to two years – simple, effective, last longer results.

Why use peroxide-free whitening products?

There is a reason why: there have many complaints and health reports telling us that peroxide have many side effect including bleeding and sore both your teeth and gums, as well as heightened sensitivity. The damage can be severe as much as that it’s reversible to the teeth enamel. Plus if you accidentally swallow the product that contains peroxide, the concentration used can you sore throat and headaches. Definitely not a good ‘taste’.

Why our peroxide-free product works

First thing that you need to know, because we’re using peroxide-free products our treatments are tested and proven to be 100% safe, ethically done with no side effect. In fact, WE GUARANTEE ZERO SENSITIVITY.

Cosmetic Teeth Whitening with LED technology works wonderful on the crowns, bridges, and veneer back to their original color. This treatment is effective and produces faster and better results compared to other methods and the results can last up to two years.

All you need is to maintain a good oral hygiene to prolong the results and if you do need a couple of touch ups, we recommend Smile bar Premium Home Whitening System to keep your teeth’s brightness in check right in the comfort of your home.

Our treatment is quick that you can just head down to our salon during your lunch break or after work and emerge with strong confidence and beautiful smile!

Safe age and health conditions

Generally, being a safe treatment it works for all age groups (as long as you have teeth to whiten!) unless you’re under 14 because your teeth still in developing process as well as for pregnant and nursing mothers because to date, there’s not enough evidence to support that it’s safe yet.

So come and visit our salon. We’ll be happy to help you to get a beautiful, dazzling smile that you wanted.

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