It’s Jackie here from EyebrowExperts in Double Bay. Many women get discouraged about facial aging, wrinkles and double chin. It’s no fun, right?

Hear me out… there’s a relatively new procedure that come on the market called “HIFU”, and it’s gaining a lot of traction with people in the entertainment industry. I’m talking actors, news readers, weather girls, and the like, who need a quick touch-up to knock 5 years off their face, but who can’t go “missing” for 6 weeks while they heal.

????Enter HIFU – you can get it done in the morning and be back at work after lunch. I’m NOT kidding! NO down time; NO needles and only one treatment necessary. It sounds TOO GOOD to be true. Only it isn’t. How do I know? Because 12 months ago I purchased the same machine all the celebs are using and started quietly testing it on myself first and then on a select group of patients in my clinic. I wanted to make sure all the fancy talk was true before I promoted it to my entire client base. In every case the patient was over the moon.

Here… see for yourself: “The results are nothing short of amazing.” ♥️ – Stacey Smith.
“My double chin is gone ” ???? – Anna Broderick
“My daughter says that her friends are commenting how good I look.” ????- Donny Shields”I didn’t know expect it and thrilled with the results would be an understatement.” ???? – Laura McCormick.


Since this is a new procedure, I know you’ll have lots of questions. So be sure to view our website for before & after photos at the link below to learn more… plus hear from our excited clients.

????If you’re interested, I’m offering a crazy special price, but only for a short time. So, don’t delay. ⏳ Message us now on Facebook or visit our info page to find out how you can benefit from this breakthrough technology for a fraction of what a surgical face lift costs.????

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