Our Cosmetic Tattoing Options:

Eyebrow Feathering in Double Bay

Want perfect eyebrow feathering and waxing? By changing the shape of your eyebrows, we can highlight your good features and hide less flattering traits like broad cheekbones or a too determined chin. Eyebrow feathering enhances your natural beauty and give a great overall picture to your face. We are masters of this craft and are famous for this style of eyebrow shaping.

Eyebrow feathering can make your face look classy and exquisite, they can emphasize your bright eyes. More importantly, stylish and trendy eyebrows reflect high levels of self-care and class.

In addition, well-shaped feathered eyebrows can change your look and radiates confidence! While you can wax or pluck your eyebrows at home, the result is simply not the same. At Eyebrow Experts, we create perfect and even feather stroke eyebrows, using cutting-edge eyebrow shaping techniques in order to give you the best eyebrow feathering in Double Bay. Your features will look delicate and sheek!

Eyebrows are by far our most defining feature, bringing symmetry to the face and framing our eyes. Moreover, with the best eyebrow feathering in Double Bay and Sydney, you will live freely from the burden of brow pencils, powders, and gels! Not to mention, the constant worry about them smearing off! 

At EyebrowExperts offer two different styles of Semi Permanent Eyebrows:

Feather Touch: Hair-stroke Technique Eyebrows
Hair stroke eyebrows otherwise known as the hair simulation technique, is a technique we use for creating the most natural brows possible. The hair stroke technique mimics your own eyebrow hairs thus creating a feathering effect. This innovative technique is far more natural looking than a solid fill.

Powdered Technique for Eyebrows
If you’re someone who prefers a fuller brow but till wants that soft texture, you may want to consider the powdered technique. The powder technique mimics the appearance of conventional brow makeup whether it be a brow pencil or brow shadow.

The result of either choice is graceful, clean, and amazingly natural looking brow that is perfectly placed and coloured!

From $990

Check out our work on our happy clients:

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Eyeliner Tattoo – Double Bay

Your eyes truly are the window to your soul, the jewels of the face, and by far your most engaging feature. An eyeliner tattoo that suits your personality is the most effective way to enhance the natural appeal of your eyes. Forget the stress of worrying about smudging, fading, reapplying, or feeling “naked”. Come see why Eyebrow Experts offer the best eyeliner tattoo services in Double Bay, Sydney!

Permanent Eyeliner tattooing is one of our most popular applications, adored for more than just its smudge-proof 24-hour appeal. Our clients love that their eyeliner tattoo is applied starting directly in the lash line, creating a gorgeous natural enhancement that is truly unparalleled by traditional topical cosmetics.

Whether you are looking for something subtle or dramatic, our thorough consultation process ensures that the sizing and color of your eyeliner tattoo is always customized to suite your desires. Our technician will only proceed with the eyeliner tattoo once the shape and color is fully approved by the client. Talk to one of our expert eyeliner tattoo technicians in our Double Bay headquarters.

From $300

Lip Tattooing – Double Bay

Designer Lip Liner Or Full Lip Colour Tattooing by Svetlana Burckhardt

You can look glamorous twenty-four hours a day with a Cosmetic Tattoo creation.

Save time each day in the application of your make-up, no more stress or frustration trying to correct your looks and be happy facing the world each day.

The cost for a treatment that lasts about four years is minimal compared to the time saved and the happiness and confidence you will have gained. A cosmetic tattoo is one of the nicest things that you can do for yourself and what a wonderful investment you will be making.

From $990

Tattoo Removal

Save your tears, dear! This non-laser approach to tattoo removal, makes removing permanent makeup and body tattoos easy. Colour Lift offers a safer alternative to laser removal- which can be unpredictable when working with the iron-oxide based pigments that are often used in permanent makeup, and a more consistent removal process than laser on traditional body tattoos.

Colour Lift is a great remover solution for correction and camouflage. It can lift out the unwanted pigment from the skin immediately, or even years after procedure.

To protect yourself against tattoo mishaps, please always be sure to view your technician’s portfolio & always review their certified training credentials.

From $250 per session

(Please Note: Laser Removal should be used with caution for this type of removal as there are often faulty reactions that occur when a laser hits pigments that contain the color white on the skin. All pigments that contain white will turn black, causing permanent damage.)

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