Here is The Most Important Facial Feature

Here is The Most Important Facial Feature, Eyebrow Experts

Have you ever wondered why we are so obsessed with our eyebrows? Have you ever asked yourself why eyebrow competitions are the order of the day? The reason for these cannot be far-fetched, our eyebrows are the most important features on our faces. This explains why many take eyebrow shaping courses or seek the service of eyebrow specialists to improve their outlook. In fact, our obsession with Cara Delevingne’s bold eyebrows is yet to die out. Yahoo! Health has explained the various reasons why eyebrows are the most important features on our faces.

Eyebrows help in protecting the eyes from dirt and sweat. However, we consider eyebrows as key features of beauty. Most of us crave for Delevingne’s bushy eyebrows. According to a study conducted in collaboration with QVC, it was discovered that British women spend about 3.6 million dollars on their brows yearly. This goes a long way to shown that are eyebrows are trendy.

Another study that supports the fact that eyebrows are the most important facial features is the 2013 survey carried out by University of Lethbridge, Canada. The study was based on two sets of pictures taken by the researchers. A set has no eyes while the other set has no eyebrows. Both sets were presented to the participants. 56 percent of the participants identified the celebs without eyes while just 46 percent were able to identify them without eyebrows. This finding made researchers agree and conclude that eyebrows are crucial facial features that play a significant role in facial recognition.

Here is The Most Important Facial Feature, Eyebrow Experts

According to Javid Sadr, one of the researchers involved in the aforementioned survey, bushy eyebrows that are seen today can be likened to the shoulder pad trend noticed in the 90s. Big shoulder pads were trends considered as masculine features. In the same manner, eyebrows are the recent trends that are being embraced by women to enhance their beauty and boost their confidence.

Eyebrows trigger certain first impressions about someone’s character. This is very crucial since it takes humans only milliseconds to look at someone’s face and decide whether they are good or trustworthy.

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