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Making the Most of Life at Any Age, Part 1

Do you ever find yourself dreading a birthday coming up? Believe it or not, I used to dread them too. But I’m hoping I can help you stop dreading it and start embracing it – that’s right, give that birthday a great big HUG! One of the things I’ve learned as a top eyebrow specialist […]

Making the Most of Life at Any Age, Part 2

Oprah used to love asking her guests, “What advice would you give your younger self?” It’s a fabulous question because it acknowledges what I have so happily discovered in my career as an eyebrow specialist in Sydney: we become so much wiser as we age without losing a drop of the humour or enthusiasm that […]

Why Get A Lash Lift?

Anyone can get a Lash Lift. It is a great treatment to curl your lashes. The Lash Lift is different from old lash perming. Using a silicone pad, it lifts each lash individually, adding an appearance of volume to your eyelashes. I get it done every three months. And it’s amazing!! The appearance of my […]

Thirty Seconds to Your Top Eye Cream

I can’t afford to be less than honest. I know you come to me for the best and most up-to-date advice when it comes to your look. And you’re super-busy, with no time to sift through every piece of fashion and beauty advice out there. Am I right? So I couldn’t wait to share this […]

Transgendered Brows

  In my beauty practice as an eyebrow specialist in Sydney, I’ve worked with many male-to-female transgendered people.  They’re some of my favorite clients to talk to because many are very open to exciting changes in their appearance, and they’re not scared to try something different or new if it will help them achieve the […]

Modeling & Acting

When supermodel and actor Cara Delevingne revealed in 2015 that she lets her brows go au naturel, shockwaves rippled through the world of beauty, fashion and modeling.  The carefully plucked look which had ruled the scene for so long was out, and a new natural look was in. Delevingne admits that she got “lucky” with […]

Cosmetic Tattooing for Hair Loss

  Just on the outside?  Tell that to somebody who’s experiencing hair loss.  They know that hair loss affects the way they feel inside and out, often at a time when a positive self-image can make all the difference in the world. There are so many reasons for hair loss or thinning – in uneven […]

Here is The Most Important Facial Feature

Have you ever wondered why we are so obsessed with our eyebrows? Have you ever asked yourself why eyebrow competitions are the order of the day? The reason for these cannot be far-fetched, our eyebrows are the most important features on our faces. This explains why many take eyebrow shaping courses or seek the service […]

Is There Any Relationship Between Eyebrows and Well-Being?

  Eyebrows can either be bushy or smooth, arched or straight. They are also available in different shapes and sizes. They play an important role in expressing our mood. There seems to be a connection between eyebrows and our well-being. For instance, they help to prevent rain and sweat from entering our eyes. They also […]

Eyelash Tinting

Searching for an easy-care beauty tip to help you stand out, without making extreme changes to your appearance? You’ll be amazed at how much difference eyelash tinting can make to complete your look in a polished, subtle way. As the leading eyebrow shaping and eyebrow tattooing experts in Sydney, we often focus on brows, but […]