What you need to know about… Eyebrow Feathering

What you need to know about… Eyebrow Feathering, Eyebrow Experts

Feathering is another name for one of my absolute favorite new procedures.  And I think you’re going to love it just as much as I do.  It’s more formally called “hair stroke eyebrow tattooing” or “microblading”, and it’s the newest way to give you hands-down the most natural-looking brows I’ve ever seen in 16 years in this business.

Other names for this technique are “eyebrow embroidery” or “feather touch”.  It’s gotten these names because the effect is so stunningly artistic – it’s like no beauty treatment you’ve ever seen before.

Eyebrows are how I’ve built my reputation!  Running one of Sydney’s top salons in my current location in Double Bay, I’ve explored a lot of techniques.  Some haven’t impressed me much – but this one has, and I’m thrilled to be able to share it with you.

Eyebrow feathering looks just like real hair – only better!  Why?  Because we apply it only where YOU want it, for gorgeous natural-looking brows that frame your face perfectly.  It’s a wonderful way to enhance thin, faded or uneven eyebrows, or just treating yourself to the stunning brows you’ve dreamed of for ages.

What you need to know about… Eyebrow Feathering, Eyebrow Experts

Feathering:  Is it for you?

Do you feel apprehensive when you hear the words “eyebrow tattooing”?  If so, I want you to know that I have developed a method that is sure to put you at ease.  My ambition is to change your perception of eyebrow tattooing, so you’ll go home smiling, thrilled with your new look.

If you’re wondering whether feathering is for you, you’ll be thrilled to know that it works beautifully with most skin types and hair colors.  Clients also worry that it will affect natural hair growth – it won’t.  And we’ll never shave your own brows off before the treatment!

If you have specific issues or problems with your brows, such as patchy eyebrows, alopecia, too-short or crooked brows, let us know when you come in for your initial consultation.  I’ve found that there are truly very few problems that cannot be corrected with eyebrow feathering.

On the day of your appointment, just come as you are: skip exfoliation treatments for 72 hours beforehand, as these tend to make your skin more sensitive.  Finally, there’s no scabbing after the procedure, so you’ll look terrific almost immediately.

Eyebrow Experts:  Five Fast Feathering Facts

  1. Eyebrow feathering is applied by hand with a special precision tool to give natural, artistic results that look just like real hair.
  2. Your new brows are semi-permanent; depending on a number of factors, they will last between twelve and eighteen months.
  3. Our special pigment comes in a range of natural-looking colors to match your hair (I’ve found that darker shades last longer between touch-ups).
  4. After treatment, your new brows may look a shade or two darker than your normal makeup, but still WELL within the natural range. (Just bold enough to get you a few compliments!)
  5. This dark shade will fade over time to a slightly softer shade (see aftercare tips for ways to keep the boldest possible color longer!).

Eyebrow Experts:  Complete Consultation

At Eyebrow Experts, your consultation goes way beyond eyebrows.  Our technicians have a detailed understanding of the technical issues of working with skin, especially facial skin, and the measurements and structures of your face, so you get the right eyebrows for you and your lifestyle – not just a generic look out of a catalogue.

When you sit down with us on the day of your appointment, we’ll help you completely customize your new look so it’s just right for you.  Here’s what we’ll talk about:

  • Your preferences (a slightly fuller or thinner look)
  • Your age, face shape and bone structure
  • Hair and skin coloring
  • Lifestyle and maintenance effort
  • Desired effect: more “style” vs. more “natural” effect
  • Facial/brow symmetry or lack thereof

For every client, one of the most important steps is deciding brow placement.  Using our special technique, we measure the precise starting point, highest point, ending position and other details.  Think of an architect, drafting plans for a building that shows off the beautiful natural piece of land it’s built on!  This way, we can achieve the most precise and technically correct dimensions.

Of course, our skilled technicians also contribute their own years of experience and gentle artistic touch, assuring perfect results every time. Set your appointment here -https://www.eyebrowexperts.com.au/cosmetic-tattoing/

We also offer FaceTime and Skype Consultation, email us at info@EyebrowExperts.com.au

What you need to know about… Eyebrow Feathering, Eyebrow Experts

Four to Go: Awesome After-Care Tips

  1. Clients report different sensations following treatment, ranging from a numb feeling in the region to a very slight itching. Ring us if you have any concerns at any time.
  2. You will experience some redness in the area for 24 hours following treatment. You should not experience scabbing.
  3. We’ll provide you with a special post-treatment cream for care of your new brows. Follow instructions for rinsing and applying this cream.
  4. Keep your brows dry and out of the sun for the first ten days or so – this includes excessive sweating or working out. We recommend makeup removal wipes around your brows to avoid moisture.

I’m so excited to be able to offer this new and revolutionary technique to my clients.  I call my practice Eyebrow Experts for a reason.  Eyebrows are my passion!

My goal is to help you, and all my clients, discover the difference the right eyebrows can make in framing your face and opening up your look.  Eyebrow feathering offers the most natural and realistic cosmetic eyebrow tattoos and a bold new way to get perfect eyebrows every time.