Transgendered Brows

Transgendered Brows, Eyebrow Experts


In my beauty practice as an eyebrow specialist in Sydney, I’ve worked with many male-to-female transgendered people.  They’re some of my favorite clients to talk to because many are very open to exciting changes in their appearance, and they’re not scared to try something different or new if it will help them achieve the perfect look for their face.

For a transgendered person, it’s almost impossible to exaggerate the importance of brows.  They’re one of the first “clues” that we look to on a person’s face to determine if that person is male or female.  So you want your brows to say exactly the right things about you.

Most of these clients know this already, of course.  That’s why they’re coming to see me!  But when they first arrive, many are unfamiliar with anything beyond a basic pair of tweezers.  So they’re amazed at how many tools and techniques I have to help them achieve their dreams.  Transformations they believed impossible unfold before their eyes!

Transgendered Brows, Eyebrow Experts

With my experience in different types of beauty treatments, I can almost always find recommendations for creating the best eyebrow shaping for their facial shape and bone structure.

As with all my clients, I work together with them to sketch and plan the ideal brows, the way an architect plans a building from the ground up.

And don’t forget eyelashes!  If your lashes are thin, pale, or sparse, one of the best ways to accomplish an appealing, natural-looking ”feminine” look that isn’t over the top is with lash tattooing.  

Transgendered Brows, Eyebrow Experts

This is a semi-permanent technique that will last and last.  Forget about putting on mascara before you head out the door – with lash tattooing, my clients are enjoying a hassle-free beauty routine that can accomplish dramatic results quickly.

Of course, there are unique challenges in working with transgender people, such as skin texture and hair removal.  That’s where my extensive training and experience come in.  From my years of experience in waxing and eyebrow shaping, I have a deep understanding of skin types, skin tones, and which treatments and techniques will work best for which individuals.

Many clients who are transitioning are insecure about their new look.  From Brazilian waxing to cosmetic tattooing, I’ll never suggest a procedure I don’t believe will make a dramatic difference in that person’s life, and I will always consult with the client at every step of the way to make sure they’re comfortable and happy with the results.

What I love most about these clients is that they often open up to me.  Transitioning is tough, and I always try to make the process easier in any way I can, whether they just want beauty advice or need somebody to talk to about the process.

Of course, as a beauty professional, it’s also such an exciting thing for me to watch the transition taking place before my eyes, and share in these clients’ joy at embracing the new life that they’ve always dreamed of!