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Eyebrow Waxing and Styling

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Discovering the best shape for your eyebrows without losing a natural look is the goal when shaping your brows. Moreover, pencil thin or overly bushy eyebrows are dated looks that can distract rather than enhance. With our eyebrow waxing and tattooing services, you can avoid these mishaps.

So how do we determine the best brow shape in the first place? At Eyebrow Experts, each eyebrow styling method is designed to fit the face of each unique client. Additionally, our eyebrow experts will use your natural bone structure to determine where your brow should start, arch, & peak.

Furthermore, we don’t follow trends, but instead work to create a brow that is timelessly classic for your unique facial structure.
Our Eyebrow Experts provide a sophisticated eyebrow waxing and tattooing service for each client.

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Eyebrow Tint

Eyebrow tint is a form of semi-permanent hair-dye formulated specifically for use on the eyebrows. Som why would I want to tint my eyebrows in the first place? Eyebrow tinting is a great option for:

1. You have radically changed your hair colour

For very dark haired people who dye their hair a much lighter colour, dark eyebrows can be a dead giveaway. In this instance, tinting the eyebrows lighter is an easy and effective way to make the change look more natural. By the same token, blondes and redheads who wish to dye their hair dark may also consider tinting their eyebrows to match. Of course, you should remember that your eyebrows don’t have to match your hair colour exactly. Common advice is to keep your eyebrows one or two shades lighter or darker than your hair colour.

2. You have noticed grey hairs in your eyebrows

Greying hair is a natural part of getting older. Whereas some people choose to let nature take its course, others prefer to conceal it. Plucking the odd stray hair from the scalp is fine. However, plucking hairs from the relatively sparse eyebrow area is likely to produce unsightly bald patches and leave the brow looking misshapen. For this reason, you are advised to avoid the tweezers and opt instead for an eyebrow tint.

3. You want thicker looking eyebrows

Pale, translucent hairs can make the eyebrows look thin and straggly. However, tinting these hairs reveals a neat and shapely brow you never even knew was there. Even though the thickness and denseness of your eyebrow hair can of course not be changed in the tinting session alone, the darker colour will make them appear naturally thicker.

4. You want to add definition to your face

It’s amazing what a difference a nice pair of shapely eyebrows can make to the structure of the face. Similarly, having neat and defined eyebrows frames the eyes, boosts facial symmetry and creates an attractive high-contrast look.

5. How long should an eyebrow tint last?

Eyebrow tint is described as semi-permanent dye not because the colour fades, but because eyebrow hairs have a very short growth cycle. Correspondingly, eyebrow hairs tend to fall out within 6-8 weeks, taking the tint with them.

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Lash Tint

Eyelash tint is a form of hair dye developed for specific use on the eyelashes. Equally, eyelash tinting produces a similar effect to mascara. It visibly lengthens, darkens and thickens the appearance of eyelashes without smudging, clotting or rubbing off.

Whether you’re going on a beach holiday and want to enjoy water-sports without worrying about panda eyes, or if you’re simply curious to see the enhancing effects of darker lashes, then eyelash tinting is the treatment for you. Benefits of eyelash tinting.

You won’t have to wear mascara.

As fantastic an invention as it is, mascara can still be troublesome. Furthermore, it smudges, rubs off easily and looks bad if it’s not applied properly. Other problems with wearing mascara include:

  • ‘Panda eyes’ after a day of wear
  • Stains pillow if you forget to take it off before sleep
  • Can clump up and drop from the lashes, leaving black dots on the skin
  • Doesn’t last very long – tubes need to be replaced regularly
  • Expensive to keep replacing
  • Time consuming to apply
  • Most importantly, eyelash tinting is essentially a semi-permanent form of mascara which stays smudge-free and perfect until you shed your lashes naturally.

Blonde and red hair, although beautiful, can have its downsides. Often, people with very pale complexions also have very delicate, pale, barely-there eyelashes. This can create a low-contrast look which hides away the eyes and makes them appear smaller. Eyelash tinting will create that all-important definition and add frame and structure to a pale face.

Soft and gentle

People who are allergic to some cosmetics could consider trying eyelash tinting instead. The dye used for the process is usually formulated specifically for use on the eyelashes.

Suits an active lifestyle

A busy lifestyle doesn’t mean you have to neglect your beauty regime. Achieve a balance by making your routine more simple. Together with an eyelash tint, you can save hours! You can even ditch the mascara and at the same time get rid of dark clumps and free up time for more important things. Similarly if you play sport or lead an active lifestyle, looking good can be an ongoing struggle. One 15 minute eyelash tinting session should help your lashes look effortlessly long and luscious, regardless of sweat, sea water and harsh weather.

From $35

Lash Lift

Open Your Eyes With Lash Lift

Worried that your eyes aren’t as perky as they used to be? Introducing Lash Lift – the latest beauty treatment designed to open up your eyes. At the same time, achieve the flowy lashes you have always wanted. Read more to know how you can get a Lash Lift for yourself.

What is Lash Lift and how it works for my lashes?
Unlike the usual eyelash perm that makes your lashes crumple with the hassle of cylindrical rods, Lash Lift utilizes a flexible silicone mold and work through the lash root and creating a full volume lashes.

The first step begins by using a lifting solution with flexible silicone pad. Then, this is molded into the shape of your lash line and adhered into the eyelid. Following this is setting the silicone where your natural lash is lifted from the root. Finally, a lash tint with lash conditioner will be used for a complete transformation.
As a result, a fuller looking beautiful lashes within an hour!

Lash Lift treatment works well with your natural lashes and doesn’t interfere with the natural lashes’ growth cycle.

Keep in mind that after getting your lashes done you must keep your lashes dry and free from make-up for the first 24 hours to avoid putting any damage to the silicone molds. After that, you can get dolled up as you wish with your new lashes.

Benefits of Lash Lift treatment for me
Lash Lift offers convenience and immense time saving as you don’t have to spend more time perfecting your lashes every day (imagine how that can add up just to use an eyelash curler and mascara). Just a dab of light makeup and you’re ready to rock fuller and longer looking lashes.

The lashes will also make your eyes appear brighter, fresher, and more youthful in a most natural way.

And unlike other lash treatments, Lash Lift is suitable for both short and long lashes, in any eye shape, ensuring that every one of us gets the same opportunity of beautiful lashes.
This treatment is quick and easy, with perfect results every time and it lasts up to 12 weeks!

For a busy gal like you, Lash Lift is the way to go. So what are you waiting for, head on to Eyebrowexperts Salon and get a beautiful lashes that you deserved with Lash Lift treatment at $150 per session (that includes a lash tint treatment).

From $135

Male Eyebrow Waxing and Styling

MEN! So your Eyebrows look bushy, and are growing out of control?
Our Celebrity Eyebrow Stylist specializes in eyebrow waxing and styling, especially shaping men’s eyebrows, right here in Double Bay! Our clients often tell us how much of a confidence booster cleanly shaped eyebrows can make, and we agree just by their radiance upon return for further treatment! After all you want to look great and you deserve to look your best. Having well groomed eyebrows make you look sexy, well kept and stylish.  A great confidence booster! Come in and see why Eyebrow Experts offer the best Eyebrow Waxing in Double Bay!

From $85